Advisory Services

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Risk Assessment and Gap Analysis

Organizations often need assistance in objectifying their current risk profile. What are the threats they face? What do these threats target within an organization? Which threats are the most dangerous? How effective are their controls in resisting these threats? What are the resulting potential negative outcomes when a threat agent does damage? Risk Assessments provide insight to the end of answering these questions. There are numerous methods, but all have the same goals: gain insight and chart a path to that allows organizations to operate business as usual with assurance.

Offensive/Red Team Services

Validation through automation only goes so far. Red Teaming exists to add the human factor to targeted technical and operational validation activities. Hacking, social engineering, physical penetration testing, and compromising web applications are all examples of Red Team activities. If there is need of definitive proof that an organization can stand up to real people with malicious intent, they turn to Red Team services.

Defensive/Blue Team Services

Blue teams exist to facilitate protection. They are dualistic opposite to a Red Team. Where a Red Team is looking to truly test control capabilities through targeted malicious action, blue teams operate and enhance security controls in production environments to stand up and adapt to threats at a technical and operational level. Emergency Incident Response, Threat Hunting, and security system tuning are all examples of blue team activities.


Leadership can make the difference between a Cybersecurity or Compliance program failing or succeeding. Experience, understanding, education and the ability to conform to an organization are critical in creating a deliberate, cost effective, considerate and manageable Cybersecurity program that addresses risk and drives confidence into organization leadership. Strategic/Program offerings from Lyrical are designed to bring the assistance that an organization needs to guide, stabilize and thrive.