ARM yourself for the digital age.

Lyrical Security has developed the industry’s first Adaptive Risk Management discipline for cybersecurity operations in the real world. Powered by the Adaptive Risk Profiling engine, Lyrical’s unified services and technology provide unprecedented insight into your assets and exposures, active threats inside and outside your organization, and validate that detective and protective controls are effective every second of every day. Analyzing hundreds of risk factors every second, continuous profiling detects changes, re-calculates risk instantly, and provides the intelligence needed to recalibrate your defenses in real time.

Adaptive Risk Management

The digital world is changing day to day, and how you secure yourself should too. Your modern organization needs to adapt to the threats and security risks of the connected-world, but you don't need to do this alone. Let Lyrical Security guide you with our comprehensive services.

Advisory Services

Gain the insight you need to improve performance across all areas of cyber security defense. Strategic and tactical – people, process, and technology. Our experts assess your current operations to identify gaps and recommend solutions to help you tackle your most critical problem areas.

Professional Services

Transform your operations with hands-on implementation from our team of specialists. Remediate existing exposures, add new capabilities, turn reactive processes into proactive disciplines, and unlock the potential of your staff. Our team works with yours to design, build, deploy, and train your resources to constantly stay ahead of ever-changing threats.

Managed Services

Simplify the experience of managing complex security risk. Analysts in our Risk Operation Centre identify exposures, detect threats and respond 24x7x365 to ensure that your counter-measures can be constantly recalibrated to protect against evolving threats and changes in the environment.

Retake Control


Incorporating offensive security testing into your program ensures that your assets haven’t drifted into a vulnerable state and that defenses can protect against the latest threats. Take a look at our Advisory Services for more information.


Today’s technology is no longer static. Environments are constantly changing, new exposures are uncovered daily, and attackers are constantly evolving. Our services can help your organization deal with these new exposures.


Your environment and threat actors will continue to change. Security testing will show you precisely where you need to adapt.


As changes are detected, decisions must be made to direct appropriate and immediate response. This is Adaptive Risk Management.

Who is watching?

Most organizations lack the capability to sustain the visibility, insight and skills to effectively adapt to threats as they emerge. When its 3 a.m., and the attack starts, who is watching? Adaptation to these threats demands around the clock, trained and competent resources, with the processes and tools to act in a timely and responsible way.

Managed Security Services provides the answer, allowing organizations to outsource Cybersecurity operations to a capable and proven third party. The problem is pervasive - Managed Security Services provides the solution.

"Our partnership with Lyrical Security has allowed us to stay one step ahead of threats instead of scrambling to react. Lyrical understands our risks, our business, our strengths and our most critical needs. We are now more secure, operating with more velocity, and doing so cost-effectively."

VP Infrastructure & CISO, Global Financial Institution