Don't know where to start? We're here to help! Lyrical means security.

Whether on-premise, in the cloud, or mixed-mode, Lyrical means security. Get the whole band on your side, and get Lyrical performing for you.

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Advisory Services

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Strategic Development

A great band never walks on stage without a set list - every member of the group needs to know clearly where they are going. An effective Security strategy is the key to managing security risks and adapting to change as it happens. Lyrical treats security as an asset, integrates business practices, infrastructure, applications, and security controls to make IT and the business work in concert. With the right playlist, security becomes a continuous enabler ~ not a one-hit wonder.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments define what you are trying to protect, its value, and the control gaps that exist, presenting risk to your environment.

Understand exposures, threats, and counter-measures, how they relate to you, and what changes are needed to take your Security and Compliance program to the next level.

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Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Learn about your security posture, and grain critical visiblity into your network. The Internet changes every day, and so does information security risk.

Lyrical helps you see what's happening in your environment, so that you are prepared to keep your business humming in the face of real-world threats.

Managed Security

Expertise From a Trusted Provider

With a world-class portfolio of managed services, we help guide your business through security assurance, keeping rhythm with your business. Unique methodologies, open standards - trust your operations to the hardest working band in the business.

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More Than Just SIEM

Managed Services is about more than just SIEM; it's threat intelligence, business context, and real-world data. Understand alerts, understand impacts, and enact high-value changes. SIEM is part of the puzzle, and tuned by other security instruments.

ROC and Roll

Lyrical works around the clock from the industry's first Risk Operations Center - using ITIL disciplines to provide effective and efficient Security, Network, and Compliance Services to our customers. We work with our clients to design and deliver services that keep defenses perfectly in tune with ongoing changes to exposures, threats, and countermeasures. Our ROC STARS deliver solutions for Vulnerability Management, 24/7/365 Monitoring, SIEM Management, Controls Optimization, Governance and Compliance to provide a continuously-learning ecosystem that proactively protects your business from attackers and service disruption.

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Every team needs a tune up to stay sharp in the face of constant change. Learn from the experts at Lyrical how to keep security at the forefront of everything you do. Lessons from our experts, help your key players maintain their skills to improve security posture, stay ahead of attackers, and improvise effectively when the unexpected happens.

The most successful Security programs actively help users to recognize risk and avoid costly mistakes that can cause breaches. Lyrical can work with you to create Security Awareness plans that resonate with your audience and get everyone marching to the beat of the same, secure drum.

Education is key to everything we do. At Lyrical, we believe that every incident is an opportunity to teach, and share what we've learned. By working together, we help your team embrace security, catching important issues before they become critical incidents.

About Us

Based in Toronto, Canada, we combine industry expertise with innovative technology to help your organization address its most critical security needs. Lyrical helps you attain visibility into security controls, attack surface and posture, using leading edge tools, trusted methods, and proprietary and open-source software. We help our clients understand their environment's footprint, secure them, and keep them secure in an ongoing way.